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Quadruple Helix Tool

Facilitating a thriving innovation ecosystem involves catalyzing transformative shifts across all sectors of society. For that, encouraging dynamic engagement with the Quadruple Helix – a powerful amalgamation of industry, academia, government, and communities – is the key. This invaluable tool is your gateway to discovering and charting your unique Quadruple Helix, offering a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives, skills, and resources.

Both ecosystem facilitators, and any member of open innovation ecosystem can benefit from all the Playbook tools.

The purpose of the tool

Foresight tools 720 uses PESTLE factors in order to co-create a joint vision of a likely future.

  • The facilitator’s tasks support laying the groundwork for successful stakeholder engagement
  • The facilitator plays a key role in guiding participants toward successful systemic transition by helping them understand the role of different societal actors
  • These tools are developed to support the early phase of exploration

Options for the facilitator

Tailored workshops for organizations

Tailored packages for organizations.

Quadruple Helix Tool Method.

Quadruple Helix tool - method

This template explains the method for identifying the ecosystem’s Quadruple Helix stakeholders and their role. Easy instructions for the ecosystem facilitator for simple co-creation.

Reasons for Stakeholder Engagement -Canvas

An ecosystem needs to understand the reasons for engaging stakeholders, hence first step for a facilitator is to guide the participants to think what different stakeholders can offer.

Stakeholder engagement table.

Staholder map.

Identify and Map your Stakeholders -Canvas

After identifying the reasons for engagement, the facilitator helps the participants name specific stakeholders for each role.

Buy the workshop materials

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Get the most out of this tool with facilitation

Choose the facilitator training package

Tailored workshops for organizations

Good facilitation is about designing and managing the processes effectively.

Explore, Build, Grow or Transform

The target for this training session is to train your organization to use the tools on one workshop topic selected by you. The apporach is “train the trainer” , where our trainer facilitates a half a day workshop with you for your ecosystem.

The packages includes:

  • All tools related to the workshop including step-by-step instructor guidelines and pre-filled template examples
  • Additional resources
  • 2-3 hour online pre-planning session with introduction to the tools
  • Online co-creation tools & template examples
  • Half a day workshop facilitation for your ecosystem with train-the-trainer support

Package price: 2970 €

Facilitator training package

This tailored workshop for organizations is designed for "train-the-trainer" approach for organizations who need ecosystem facilitation.

Explore, Build, Grow or Transform

In this training package, we provide a 3 half-a-day online training session on how to use the Playbook tools in fast and simple way.

The packages includes:

  • Online co-creation tools & template examples
  • 3 half-a-day online training sessions (3-4h)
  • Access to all tools & content used in training session
  • Opportunity to buy all the tools and templates with additional lower price (2-year licence)
  • After completion of the course, you receive course certificate and badge

Package price: 450 €