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Up or out model

Every now and then it is good to check each ecosystem participants motivation and reasons to stay in the ecosystem. It is also important to understand reasons why they would step out from the ecosystem.

Value proposition workshop.

The purpose of the tool

Every ecosystem needs a common vision and mission to develop.

  • The facilitator’s tasks support the creation of the building blocks for the ecosystem.
  • These tools are developed to support the early phase of exploration.

Options for the facilitator

Free methods and canvases.


Free methods and canvases.

Up or out method.

Up or out method

Up or out method is a practical tool to check each participants motivations and reasons for staying or leaving your ecosystem. This tool can be used throughout the lifecycle phases to check the status of the ecosystem.

Up or out canvas

This canvas tool has 5 simple questions that help you to map out each participants reasons to stay in the ecosystem or identify the reasons to step out.

Up or out canvas.

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