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Circular value chain builder tool

Circular value chain builder enables you to map value chains for the whole lifecycle. It allows you to identify the optimization potentials for the value chain, bottlenecks and challenges. The Circular Value Chain Builder will provide practitioners with a hands-on toolset to jointly draft relevant value chain models and to develop concrete actions plans to enable circularity and sustainability.


The purpose of the tool

Redefine value chains for new innovation or new business

Options for the facilitator

Facilitator training package

Facilitator training for ecosystem facilitators.

Tailored workshops for organizations

Tailored packages for organizations.

Circular value chain builder method.

Circular value chain builder method

Circular design method allows you to map circular value chain for your product or service.

Circular design value chain builder canvas

Canvas helps you to define the value chain for you service or product along the lifecycle.

Circular design value chain builder canvas.

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