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Build me the value chain tool

This tool has been developed in co-operation with BBI JU financed Bioswitch project and adapted further.The target for the tools is to support organizations in the development of the new supply/value chains in business transition and identification of possible projects between organization and other stakeholders.

The tools support different development phases of ecosystem.

The purpose of the tool

Redefine value chains for new innovation or new business.

Options for the facilitator

Tailored workshops for organizations

Tailored packages for organizations.

Facilitator training package

Facilitator training for ecosystem facilitators.

Get the most out of this tool with facilitation

Choose the facilitator training package

Tailored workshops for organizations

Good facilitation is about designing and managing the processes effectively.

Explore, Build, Grow or Transform

The target for this training session is to train your organization to use the tools on one workshop topic selected by you. The apporach is “train the trainer” , where our trainer facilitates a half a day workshop with you for your ecosystem.

The packages includes:

  • All tools related to the workshop including step-by-step instructor guidelines and pre-filled template examples
  • Additional resources
  • 2-3 hour online pre-planning session with introduction to the tools
  • Online co-creation tools & template examples
  • Half a day workshop facilitation for your ecosystem with train-the-trainer support

Package price: 2970 €